Revival Rust Servers

The Revival Of Modded Rust

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The Revival Of Rust Aim Training.

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The Revival Of 2x Vanilla Servers

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The Revival Of Modded Servers.

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VAC & Game Bans

General Server Rules

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How do I report Suspicious Players, Server Rule Violations, Appeal a Ban, or get Admin Support?

All support is handled on our Discord server. Join our discord, and you will be able to open a ticket. Please make sure to provide as many details as you can, as this allows us to do a better job in assisting you. If you are reporting a player for cheating, also make sure to use the F7 key in-game to report the individual straight to FacePunch.

When's Wipe?

All of our servers wipe on different days. However, all servers will wipe at 3PM EST on the given day. If it is a day where there is an update(First Thursday of the month), then the wipe will happen the moment that Oxide and FacePunch release their updates. On the 2x Vanilla, Blueprints wipe each month. On the modded servers, Blueprints wipe on every map wipe.

I bought VIP, how do I upgrade my VIP kit?

Please open a ticket on our discord. A staff member will assist you in the process of upgrading your kit. Please note, this does NOT reset the VIP kit timer. Your expiration date will continue to be the same as it was when you purchased your kit. For anyone who receives a promotional LIFETIME kit, these will continue to be lifetime.

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